Secure Area

Business Areas


ENTSOG's market activities will create the essential rules to provide the framework for the single market. All three working group areas - capacity, network balancing and tariff harmonization involve the development of individual Framework Guidelines and network codes. ENTSOG also plays a significant external role, participating in activities such as ACER Bridge 2025 and the Gas Target Model 2 discussions.


The System Development business area covers all ENTSOG activities related to the development of the pan-European network, most notably the TYNDP and Supply Outlook reports. In addition, TSOs use the Investment Working Group platform to co-ordinate the development of Gas Regional Investment Plans (GRIPs). The Working Group also monitors, analyses and prepares recommendations on European nstitutions' legislative proposals on infrastructure development and investment, as well as follows ENTSOG participation in the Gas Coordination Group.


System Operation Area activity is handled by two main working groups: Interoperability, responsible for activities related to technical cooperation between members or between members and non-EU TSOs in the areas of business rules, gas quality, odourisation and  data exchange, and Transparency, responsible for  activities related to publication and reporting of technical information related to transparency guidelines (Reg (EC) No 715/2009) and REMIT (Reg (EU) No 1227/2011). Additionally, the Area is responsible for the management and operation of the Transparency Platform, the Union-wide platform where TSOs publish data related to the operation of their networks.

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