ENTSOG TYNDP 2017 Data Collection Project Submission Phase from 11 April until 8 May

Submission phase for project data collection ends 8 May 2016

ENTSOG reminds project promoters about the schedule of the Project Data Collection for the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2017 (TYNDP 2017)

(Brussels, 21 April 2016, PR0104-16) The ENTSOG Project Data Collection for the TYNDP 2017, announced on 18 March, has been in progress since 11 April 2016. ENTSOG emphasizes the importance of timely participation in the Project Data Collection to all promoters who intend to submit projects for the TYNDP 2017 and the third consecutive PCI selection process. ENTSOG therefore encourages the project promoters to take advantage of the Project Data Portal in order to submit their projects in due time before the 8 May deadline.

Promoters that consider their projects eligible for entry should submit them in the “Project Submission Phase” ending on 8 May 2016. Project promoters who have already submitted their projects for TYNDP 2015 shall re-submit their projects and provide up-to-date data; otherwise, their projects will not be considered. This phase of the Project Data Collection is the single window to submit new projects and resubmit existing ones.

Cooperation between promoters when submitting related projects is essential to ensure a thorough TYNDP analysis. To ease this cooperation, ENTSOG will open the “Promoters’ Data Consistency Check Phase” from 9 May until 25 May 2016: the infrastructure topology and capacity impact of the submitted projects can be analysed and, where deemed necessary, reviewed by promoters. New projects cannot be submitted in this second phase of the Project Data Collection.

Jan Ingwersen, ENTSOG General Manager, said: “To ensure the timely delivery of TYNDP 2017 in December 2016, it is crucial that the project submission schedule and deadlines are met. Colleagues within the System Development Team are ready to answer inquiries about Project Data Collection and the functionality of the ENTSOG Data Portal. To support promoters in submitting their projects to the TYNDP, we have further developed our tools and process documentation, available on ENTSOG website.”

Data is collected exclusively through the ENTSOG Project Data Portal. Promoters can still approach ENTSOG to receive credentials to access this Data Portal or check for their existing credentials.

  • ENTSOG has published the Documentation Kit for the Data Portal and Project Data Submission Process, which serves as a manual for the project submission. The Documentation Kit is available on the ENTSOG website at this link.

 Should you require any further information regarding the data collection, please contact:

Mr. Ádám Balogh (M: +32 495 19 46 61; F: + 32 2 894 51 01) Adam.Balogh@entsog.eu or

Mr. Stefan Greulich (M: +32 492 316 929; F: +32 2 894 51 06) Stefan.Greulich@entsog.eu

Cc: sysdev.data@entsog.eu and Vincent.Scherrer@entsog.eu


Data Collection – Project Submission

11/04/2016 – 08/05/2016

New projects can be submitted and old-projects can be re-submitted only during this timeframe. Old projects also have to be updated and resubmitted to be considered in TYNDP 2017..

Promoters’ Data Consistency Check Period

09/05/2016 – 25/05/2016

Promoters can check capacity matching on the borders and project representation in ENTSOG infrastructure topology. No new projects can be submitted. When deemed necessary, data can be corrected for projects already submitted by 08/05/2016.

To access the Data Portal please use the credentials already issued to you by ENTSOG.


In case you do not have credentials, please fill out the Promoter Creation Form, available in the Forms folder of the ENTSOG Project Data Portal Documentation Kit.