ENTSOG's Transmission Capacity map provides an overview of Europe‘s main high pressure transmission lines and gives information on technical capacity at cross-border points.

The System Development map (published jointly with GIE) provides a compact and regular overview of existing gas infrastructure and outlook for its development as well as of actual supply and demand situation at both the European and national level from the perspective of a respective year. It aims at establishing an easy reference for such information and at mapping trends and their development over time. As such it contributes to enhanced transparency of the gas market. 

Ordering of maps

The latest version of the Transmission Capacity (85cm x 120cm, unfolded) and System Development Maps (160cm x 120cm, unfolded) can be ordered here. You will be invoiced the cost for map postage and up to maximum 5 copies can be ordered per transaction. 

*Disclaimer* All data provided in these maps are for information purposes only and shall be treated as indicative only. Under no circumstances shall it be regarded as data intended for commercial use. ENTSOG cannot be held liable for the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided. For any specific queries on the information here obtained the relevant companies should be contacted. For further information please contact:

Jacques Reberol - Subject Manager, Modeling