Transparency and Technical Cooperation


ENTSOG activities on the Transparency topic relate to management of the transparency obligations including TSOs’ publications on their websites and the Transparency Platform and Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT). provision of the third Long-Term Gas Quality Outlook (Gas Quality Outlook) for TYNDP 2020. ENTSOG continues improving the gas quality reference data and the modelling assumptions used for the long-term gas quality monitoring outlook for the Gas Quality Outlook. ENTSOG also operate the Local Issuing Office (LIO) for Energy Identification Coding (EIC) scheme.

For more detail on the ReCo System for Gas, please see here.

Transparency Activities

For the Transparency Platform, work is undertaken to analyse stakeholder feedback and implement new functionalities that will improve the usability and user-friendliness of the published data. Support will be provided to the TSOs from Energy Community Contracting Parties as they advance their efforts on transparency publications on ENTSOG's Transparency Platform and support provided to the EU TSOs to improve data quality and deliver on REMIT requirements.

Gas Quality Standardisation and Monitoring

As well as providing the Long-Term Gas Quality Outlook in the TYNDP reports, ENTSOG cooperates with CEN in the pre-normative work for harmonisation of Wobbe Index. Cooperation also takes place with CEN, Marcogaz and EASEE-gas regarding the injection of hydrogen and other renewable gases into transmission networks. ENTSOG will continue its dialogue with stakeholders along the gas value chain in the field of gas quality. 

Energy Identification Codes (EIC)

ENTSOG operates and manages the Local Issuing Office for Energy Identification Coding scheme by weekly updates to the Central Issuing Office (CIO). ENTSOG cooperates with ENTSOE to further streamline and standardise the implementation of the scheme in the gas sector,