Roadmap Action Plan

In December 2019, ENTSOG launched its 2050 Roadmap for Gas Grids, which identified the central role that gas grids will play in delivering the Green Deal objective of a carbon-neutral energy system by 2050.


In light of European Commission’s Energy System Integration and Hydrogen Strategies, ENTSOG has updated its Recommendations in the 2050 Roadmap Action Plan, making sure that gas TSOs continue to fully deliver on developing and managing Europe's gas infrastructure.


Building on accumulated expertise of gas TSOs, we believe that quicker and more cost-efficient energy transformation is in a direct reach within the timescales proposed by EC’s strategies.


ENTSOG considers that the following principles will underpin gas TSOs actions in delivering on the EU's energy objectives:


  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Delivering Europe's future energy networks
  • MARKETS: Same market principles for all gases including hydrogen
  • GAS TSOs AS SYSTEM INTEGRATORS in the emerging hybrid energy system

To make this operational, ENTSOG is committed to promote an intensive dialogue at EU level with industry, DSOs and adjacent operators in the gas, hydrogen and electricity sectors. We propose 6 key ENTSOG activities:


  • Engage in the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance
  • Engage in the EU SET Plan Action 6
  • Establish an Advisory Panel for Future Gas Grids
  • Establish a TYNDP  Joint Advisory Panel
  • Establish a Prime Mover Group on Gas Quality and Hydrogen Handling
  • Continue Prime Mover Group on GOs and  Certificates

For further information please contact:

Sara Piskor, Director, Strategy, Policy and Communication 

T +32 (0)2 894 51 34


2050 Roadmap Action Plan video

The following short video highlights the key features of the ENTSOG 2050 Roadmap Action Plan.



Roadmap 2050 Action Plan interview

The following Zoom interview with Stephan Kamphues and Jan Ingwersen, moderated by Christopher Jones explains in summary the key features of the ENTSOG 2050 Roadmap Action Plan.



Advisory Panel for Future Gas Grids

ENTSOG proposes to establish an Advisory Panel for Future Gas Grids to support gas TSOs and stakeholders in identifying the practical challenges and solutions in preparing the future European gas grids for the decarbonization and  transition, including the planning for an EU hydrogen backbone and ensuring its efficient interaction with existing grids. The Panel will cover infrastructure, technical, market design, regulatory and organisational aspects.

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FGG Panel


TYNDP Joint Advisory Panel

ENTSOG proposes creating together with ENTSO-E an inclusive and transparent stakeholder involvement for the joint TEN-E regulatory tasks, including TYNDP scenarios, interlinked modelling – including preparing for the revised TEN-E to be aligned with the Energy System Integration and Hydrogen Strategies. Transparency would be key for the TYNDP process to be shared and discussed with the stakeholders.

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Prime Mover Group on Gas Quality and Hydrogen Handling

ENTSOG together with DSO organisations has established a Prime Mover Group on Gas Quality and Hydrogen Handling, with the objective to deliver concrete principles on gas quality management for the benefit of all consumers while ensuring that achievements of the internal energy market for gas and interoperability between the different energy carriers are maintained and further developed.

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Prime Mover Group on GOs and Certificates

ENTSOG and GIE will continue and further develop the Prime Mover Group on GOs and certificates, active since 2018. The group has successfully developed recommendations on the optimal ways of addressing the development and transferability of GOs under the existing and future legal framework.

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