TYNDP 2018 Scenario Report Public Consultation

The European network of transmission system operators for gas and electricity have released their joint set of scenarios for consultation.

The ENTSOs for gas and electricity have for the first time combined their efforts and expertise to develop scenarios to assist with decision making for future infrastructure investment needs.

Between 2nd October 2017 and 10th November 2017 (inclusive) the ENTSOs for Electricity and Gas run the public consultation on their TYNDP 2018 Scenario Report. This public consultation is part of the overall formal interaction with stakeholders in order to build the scenarios.

We invite all stakeholders and interested parties to join the consultation, by reading the report and letting us know your thoughts.

Through this consultation the ENTSOs are looking forward to hearing your opinion on the approach, assumptions and draft results presented in the Scenario Report.

Find the Scenario Report and the supporting documentation here: https://www.entsog.eu/publications/tyndp#ENTSOG-TEN-YEAR-NETWORK-DEVELOPMENT-PLAN-2018

The online public consultation tool can be found here:  https://consultations.entsoe.eu/tyndp/entso-consults-the-stakeholders-on-the-2018-scenar


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