Innovation & Transition

Technological innovation is important for the transition to low carbon economy and combating climate change. New technologies such as power-to gas, biomethane, hydrogen, CNG will enable this transition. 

National Grid Gas

Project GRAID

National Grid's robotic inspection device GRAID can inspect the inside of live, high-pressure gas pipelines, up to 100 bar(g) and provide reliable condition data on our critical assets. This technological leap will allow NGGT to cut asset maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary excavations and providing data to allow asset life extension. It will also generate potential carbon savings of more than 2,000 tonnes annually, equivalent to the emissions from almost 500 UK households. It is a critical benefit as we move towards a low-carbon economy. In addition, National Grid are open and willing to discuss collaboration projects with any interested TSOs.


Snam Rete Gas S.p.A.

TEP Energy Solution

The acquisition of TEP Energy Solution (TEP), one of Italy’s leading enterprises in the energy efficiency sector, is part of Snam’s strategic plans aimed at facilitating decarbonisation and better energy use in the areas where it operates. Snam intends to accelerate TEP’s growth process, with the support of the company’s management, and facilitate the transfer of energy efficiency know-how and technologies from large businesses to small and medium-sized enterprises and local institutions. 



Intelligent sector coupling with gas

As a member of the association of transmission system operators (FNB Gas), bayernets stands for intelligent sector coupling with gas.

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Open Grid Europe GmbH

Future role of gas

The future waits for no one. This also goes for gas transportation. If we don't become involved it will simply happen without as. The future starts now, and all of us play a part and are being challenged.


National Grid Gas

Hydrogen in the NTS

National Grid are partnering with the Health & Safety Executive to undertake a technical evaluation of the capability of the UK’s National Transmission System (NTS) to transport hydrogen. This project will run up to Spring 2019 and will generate a deeper understanding of how introducing hydrogen will affect gas transmission assets physically; and of the standards required to facilitate hydrogen introduction. The project will also use the findings to evaluate potential UK sites which could demonstrate hydrogen introduction at scale, further advancing the UK’s green energy ambitions.



Energy efficiency R&D

Energy efficiency is extremely important for Teréga, which obtained its ISO 50001 certification in 2014. There are many R&I projects under this theme, focusing on: the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (collection and reinjection of emissions into adjacent pipes for transportation and storage). Once implemented, the solutions studied should allow an 80 to 85% reduction of annual emissions compared to 2015, due to venting.


Gas Networks Ireland

Gas Innovation Fund

The Gas Innovation Fund is intended to promote and encourage an environment of innovation in the gas industry. GNI wishes to engage with key stakeholders in order to share knowledge and leverage the best use of all resources for innovation.



Innovation in renewable gases

Interview with Thierry Trouvé to present the strengths and the place of renewable gas in the energy transition as well as the campaign 'Energy Possibles'. 


National Grid Gas

Asset Information Modelling (AIM)

Producing intelligent models of gas transmission assets is set to become quicker, cheaper and more accurate, thanks to an extension of our Building Information Modelling (BIM) project, called AIM. An AIM, or Asset Information Model, provides all the information necessary to support the management of an asset. For example, it logs its precise location, operational data, information about work carried out and its existing condition.


bayernets GmbH

Integrated energy transition

Bayernets is a partner of the dena pilot study Integrated Energy Transition.

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